Charging TX while you're on the go

As the number of electric vehicles on UK roads grows each day, so does the landscape for reliable, hassle-free public charging stations. Use the map above to navigate the 10,000+ public charge points currently available.

You can also download the free Zap-Map app to get quick and easy directions to your nearest charge point while you're on the move, and even get live updates to see whether a charge point is available or in-use.

Charging TX is so easy plugging in will quickly become as much a part of your daily routine as recharging your mobile phone. Of course, thanks to the eCity technology you don’t have to stop and top up your battery during the day. The economic petrol range extender allows you to travel up to 400 miles before you need to plug in. This flexibility means you can stop and top up the battery each day, or simply plug in at night and by the morning you’ll have a fully charged battery ready for your next shift.

How much will my battery charge up in 45 minutes?

TX offers unrivalled flexibility when it comes to recharging, with slow (>7kW AC), fast (>22kW AC) and rapid (50kW DC) charging capabilities via different socket types. This means drivers are able to make maximum use of the available charging infrastructure.

Rapid Public Charge @ 50kW = 140%

(equivalent to 110 miles)

Public Charge @ 22kW = 60%

(equivalent to 50 miles)

Home Charge @ 7kW = 20%

(equivalent to 15 miles)

The new TX is now available from just £177/week* including 3 years FREE servicing (up to 90,000 miles).

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